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How to Look After Your Heart Health

This blog will talk about the importance of keeping your heart healthy, ways to keep your heart healthy, the importance of good nutrition on heart health, the benefits of a healthy heart, and will also detail how to perform CPR if the worst ever happens. 

 Feb 13, 2024  1 MIN READ


How to Stay on Track with Your Fitness Goals

Whether you're a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just starting, staying on track with your fitness goals requires dedication, commitment, and a strategic approach. This blog aims to provide you with actionable strategies to not only set your fitness goals but also stay firmly on track to achieve them.

 Jan 22, 2024  1 MIN READ


Why Exercise is Good For Your Mental Health

The impact of exercise on mental health often goes unnoticed. This blog shows the relationship between exercise and mental health, how to get started with exercise, things to consider, and some helpful tips to stay on track towards reaching your fitness goals. 

 Jan 10, 2024  1 MIN READ


A Balancing Act: How to Master Your Macros

One key aspect of a performance-oriented diet is understanding and monitoring your macros. We will dive into what macros are, how to balance them, the difference between macros and calories, and highlight the benefits of macro monitoring.

 Dec 13, 2023  1 MIN READ


All About the Menopause

The menopause refers to the time in a woman’s life when her periods stop as a result of the loss of ovarian reproductive function. This blog is all about the menopause, and how Applied Nutrition can help women with supplementation throughout the transition.

 Nov 28, 2023  1 MIN READ


What Does Creatine Do For Your Body?

Creatine has long been used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike, but the misconceptions surrounding it have left many wondering: What exactly is it? Is it safe? How does it work in the body? And, most importantly, what are the genuine benefits of incorporating creatine into your regimen?

 Nov 16, 2023  1 MIN READ

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