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Running. It's a simple act with profound benefits – improved cardiovascular health, weight management, stress relief, and a mood boost. But for those new to the sport, that first step can feel like a daunting leap. Fear not, aspiring runner! This comprehensive guide equips you with the knowledge and tools to lace up, hit the ground running (or jogging!), and experience the joy of this accessible exercise.


Building Your Running Foundation: 5 Essential Steps

A successful running journey starts with a solid foundation. Here are the five key steps to follow:

  1. Gear Up for Greatness: Investing in a good pair of running shoes is paramount. Visit a reputable running store and get fitted by a professional. They'll analyse your gait and recommend shoes that provide optimal support and cushioning, minimizing injury risk. 
  2. Start Slow and Embrace the Walk/Run: Don't be fooled by the seemingly effortless strides of seasoned runners. Begin with a walk/run combination. Alternate between short bursts of running (think comfortable jog) and brisk walking intervals. This allows you to gradually build endurance, improve cardiovascular health, and adapt your body to the demands of running. 
  3. Listen to Your Body – It's Your Running Partner: Running is a conversation with your body. Pay close attention to its signals. Don't push yourself beyond comfortable limits. Take rest days when needed, and don't hesitate to walk when you get tired. Remember, consistency is key, and pushing too hard too soon can lead to injury and derail your progress. 
  4. Master the Art of Running Form: Proper running form not only minimizes injury risk but also improves efficiency, maximizing your workout. Aim for a midfoot strike, where the ball of your foot makes contact with the ground first. Maintain a tall posture with relaxed shoulders and a slight forward lean. Numerous online resources and running communities offer valuable tips on perfecting your form. 
  5. Find Your Pack: Running Buddies or Groups: Running with a friend or joining a running group injects a dose of fun and motivation into your routine. Sharing the experience with others fosters accountability, provides support, and keeps you engaged. Many local running stores organize group runs – a fantastic way to connect with the running community in your area. 



Fuelling Your Runs for Peak Performance: Applied Nutrition's Endurance Range

As you progress in your running journey, you should consider incorporating supplements specifically designed to support your efforts. Applied Nutrition's Endurance Range offers a comprehensive line of products to optimize your performance:

  • Pre-Workout Drinks: Formulated with ingredients like caffeine and beta-alanine, our ABE energy and performance drinks and ABE pre-workout powders deliver a pre-run energy boost and enhance focus, ensuring you hit the ground running (literally!). 
  • Energy Gels: During longer runs, your body depletes carbohydrate stores. Our Isotonic Energy gels provide a quick and convenient source of carbs to maintain energy levels and prevent that dreaded bonk (hitting the wall). We also have our Sprint Energy Gel that contain caffeine that gives you that extra push! 
  • Electrolyte Drinks: Sweating is essential for regulating body temperature during exercise. However, it leads to electrolyte loss. Our electrolyte powder replenish these lost minerals, preventing dehydration and muscle cramps, allowing you to run farther and stronger. 
  • Protein Powders: After your run, your muscles crave protein for repair and rebuilding. Our Recovery Protein powder provide a convenient way to deliver essential amino acids to aid in muscle recovery, keeping you ready for your next run.

Conclusion: The Road to Running Success Starts Now!

 By following these steps and incorporating targeted supplements from our Endurance Range, you'll be well on your way to achieving your running goals. Remember, consistency is key. Lace up, embrace the journey, and experience the exhilarating world of running!



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Creatine Monohydrate






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