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Dangerous Dakota Ditcheva Signs with Applied Nutrition

We are excited to announce that we are now the official nutrition partner of Dakota Ditcheva.

Ahead of her highly anticipated PFL Europe opener against Malin Hermansson in Newcastle, we sat down with Dakota to get her insight on the fight itself, the top 5 nutrition products she can't live without and what the future holds in the PFL!


Welcome to the Applied Nutrition Team! We are excited to be a part of your amazing journey. Why did Applied Nutrition stand out for you when choosing a nutritional partner?

I’d seen so many different athletes using Applied Nutrition products for a while. As soon as I went on your website, I realised why.

You guys have everything covered across the whole board when it comes to supplements for fitness lovers. You also have a wide range of products that are Informed Sport tested, which gives me that extra confidence in working with you and lots of confidence in the products!


How important is it that you have the best nutrition during fight camp?

Nutrition is one of, if not the most, important aspects of training. In order for me to get the best out of every session, I need to be fuelled right. In my sport, and in order to make weight, I need to be fuelled with the best nutrition to help me get to the target weight in the safest way, and so that I can perform at the highest level. 


What are the top 5 supplements that you take during camp?

Ooo top 5!

I’d say definitely Creatine is near the top. I wish I’d started taking that much earlier. I love an Orange BCAA drink with a bit of caffeine in. Chocolate Milkshake Protein shake to hit my protein targets… but also for that sweet fix from the flavours. I always have an Endurance Isotonic Gel in my gym bag. That’s a key one for me that I often end up using.

Then my last one I’d say is BodyFuel, again for a little sweet taste after training, but also to replenish my electrolytes as quick as I can after a good session.


You had two brutal stoppages in the build-up to the inaugural PFL Europe season. How are you feeling about this weekend?

I’m super excited to get back in there this weekend and kick off PFL Europe. My 2 fights with PFL so far have made a big statement, so I’m looking forward to continuing that and putting on another show here in the UK.


Dangerous Dakota Ditcheva PFL


You were originally due to fight Clara Ricignuolo, but due to an injury you are now fighting Malin Hermansson. Did you have to change your training in any way, as Malin has a different fight style?

I work on all aspects of my game in every camp, so that if things like this happen, I’m always ready to face any type of style. So, I don’t feel like my training has changed too much. Maybe a few different tactics but that’s all.

My new opponent is a striker like the last girl, so I think it’s still gonna be an exciting striking match! 


The PFL has introduced a new concept of fight tournaments over the last few years. How excited are you to be a part of it and chase that $1m dollar prize in the richest night in MMA?

I love the tournament concept and love the prize money even more! I think it’s an exciting and very different way of showcasing the talent we have in MMA.

It’s really motivating to be fighting for $1M and it’ll keep me at the top of my game every fight.


What are your goals for this season in the PFL and moving forward?

My goals this season are to make a statement and win the $100k PFL Europe tournament. Then after that, I’m going for the million next year. This year will be the warmup where I get the tests I need, then next year, we’ll be coming full force through all the girls and straight to the mil!


Can you give us your prediction for this weekend?

I’m going in for a stoppage this weekend. We don’t get paid overtime in this sport so straight in and out ready for the next round.


And there you have it... Dakota's plans for the year ahead and her top 5 supplements during fight camp. We're very excited to continue supporting Dakota and the wide range of athletes and clubs that we're currently partnered with!



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