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 Morning vs Evening workouts: Which is better?


When it comes to working out, are you an early bird or a night owl? Some of us prefer the early rise to get our workout done and dusted before the sun’s up, but some of us like to blow away the cobwebs and stresses of the day after work. 

The question of whether it is best to work out in the morning or evening is hotly debated, however, for a lot of us, the priority is to just fit in training whenever we can. This could mean a session before work to get it out of the way, or to sweat it out in the afternoon when we’re feeling more awake. 

When it comes to wanting to drop body fat, it is normal to question when the best time would be to workout and which would be the most beneficial for your goals. This blog will cover the benefits of starting your day working out versus the afternoon so that you can decide the best time to get a workout in, no matter what your fitness goals. 

Pros of Morning Workouts 


The gym will be quieter 

One of the biggest pros to working out in the morning is the fact that, in the morning, the gym tends to be quieter. This is ideal for those who are feeling nervous about going to the gym, or for those who need to use a lot of equipment. There is nothing worse than having to wait for a machine or a squat rack to be free! 

With there being more equipment free in the morning, you may want to power through your session and get it done before the sun is up. However, It is still important to get enough water throughout your session, so rely on BODYFUEL Electrolyte & Vitamin Water to keep you hydrated. BODYFUEL offers a source of 6 key electrolytes, B-Vitamins and antioxidants to hydrate and fuel your workout sessions.

It sets you up for the day 

Going to the gym in the morning sets you up for the day and can better help you establish a consistent workout routine. Morning time is when we tend to have the least commitments, so, unlike the afternoon where you may have commitments, the morning is when you can set aside time for yourself and give yourself a good gym workout and a boost of endorphins before most people have even woken up! 

Boosts concentration and alertness 

Research has found that working out in the morning can increase energy levels, focus, alertness and decision making. This means that you’re more likely to have a productive work day. Rather than going to work on autopilot when you haven’t woken up properly yet, a good gym session in the morning will most certainly wake you up, so you can arrive at work in a positive mindset and wide awake.

If you are looking for an extra boost for your morning workout, why not try ABE PUMP Stim-Free pre-workout? It is our highest strength pre workout that is caffeine-free, nootropic rich and offers an ultra-pump formula for focus, explosive energy, and long-lasting muscle pumps.

More free time in the afternoon 

Working out in the morning means that you are able to make plans to meet up with friends and have the time to do other activities and hobbies in the afternoon after work. If you find that, by the end of the day you’re feeling tired and unmotivated, working out in the morning may be ideal! 

You may feel less hungry during the day

We have two hormones in the body called Leptin and Ghrelin. To put in short, Leptin suppresses hunger whereas Ghrelin induces hunger, and they are both associated with energy balance regulation. A review of studies showed that exercise helps to curb appetite after working out, and therefore alters the levels of these two hormones to make you feel less hungry. If weight loss or toning up is your goal, working out in the morning may help you to feel less hungry during the day.

If you find you’re feeling particularly hungry during the day or need a pre-workout snack before an intense session, a good way to top up your hunger levels is by trying our Critical Cookies. They come in four delicious flavours and offer 17g of protein per serving!


Pros of Afternoon Workouts 


You have higher levels of endurance in the afternoon 

By having eaten meals throughout the day, you will both feel more energised and have more energy reserves in the afternoon. This means that you will have higher levels of endurance, strength and power compared to in the morning. Furthermore, a study showed that people who exercise in the evening take up to 20% longer to reach exhaustion compared to the morning.  

If you’re planning on doing prolonged exercise, our Endurance Isotonic Gels  will give you the extra endurance boost you need to keep going. They are made with zero sugar and are Informed Sport batch tested for athletes. 

Can help relieve stress

Exercise is a great way to relieve stress, and if you’ve had a long day at work then working out in the afternoon would be the perfect time for you to blow the cobwebs away. As well as this, a study by Basso and Suzuki found that the largest improvements in mood were decreases in tension, depression, anger and confusion. The endorphin surge that you get after you exercise can also help you to fall asleep easier at bedtime too.

You’ll warm up quicker

Your core body temperature is warmer in the evening than in the morning, meaning that you will warm up quicker and you’ll be able to start your session faster with less creakiness or stiffness. However, you should still warm up to ensure your muscles are ready and raring to go, especially if you are doing strength or HIIT training. 

If your fitness goal involves dropping body fat or losing weight, turn up the heat during your training by using thermogenics. Designed to support your training goals, our Shred-X Thermogenic Powder helps you reduce body fat and weight by helping you burn more calories. It also provides a combination of trusted ingredients with state-of-the-art innovation, will increase energy and help you maintain a razor-sharp mental focus. 

Hormones are working in your favour

If you choose to work out in the morning, your hormones will be working in your favour. Testosterone is essential for muscle building, in both men and women, although women have a much lower quantity of it. You may have a higher concentration of testosterone in your body in the evening than in the morning, which will lead to greater gains due to increased muscle strength and stamina. 

Helps you to kick bad night-time habits 

During night-time, particularly when it is dark outside or raining, it can be easy to slip into habits such as being a couch potato, eating junk food, drinking, smoking or watching too much TV. Going to the gym in the evening can curb these habits and prevent you from undoing all your hard work and effort. Getting in a good workout during the evening can help you make healthier choices afterwards. 

In the evening time it can be easy to go off track and there can sometimes be a lot of temptation to eat less than healthy foods. However, if you’re looking for a way to help you reach your fitness goals or to help you along the way, incorporating Diet Whey Protein into your dietary intake will not only help you with building muscle but will also help with keeping you fuller for longer so you’re not tempted to reach into the snack cupboard! 


The Verdict

Research has pointed out that people working out consistently at the same time each day see better results, regardless of the time they exercised. This means that you just need to ask yourself two questions:

1- When am I best able to train?
2- When do I want to train?

Ultimately, the best time to workout is whenever you can. Whether you fit a workout in in the morning or get a session in after work, consistency is key. If your current workout schedule isn’t working for you, you can change it to a time that suits you, you’ll be surprised at how quickly your body adapts to the new schedule.

The more you enjoy something, the more likely you are to stick to it.


Written by Shannon Gaskell



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